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How We Can Help

Seasoned Life Transitions, Inc. helps seasoned life people downsize and sell their collectibles for income for future care or enjoyment of life. We will evaluate, organize, and consign the cherished possessions of “seasoned life” people as they need to make adjustments to their living situation. Our staff aims to educate people on the advantages of downsizing early. We help them reach goals and free resources to enjoy life now. Taking action now means more space, more freedom, and more money. Use those resources to move forward into that dream community/home. Check off things on their bucket list.

Downsizing Services Offered

Our services include evaluating the client’s space and possessions to determine areas that can be organized. Our company can improve the flow of their existing home.  We can aid them in reducing their items in order to move into a smaller space.  We will also evaluate and appraise collectibles.  Seasoned Life Transitions hopes to consign and sell these collectibles and cherished possessions to create a financial resource for a client’s current or future situation.  We can also help with disposing or donating items that have little potential for resale.

It is our goal to encourage seasoned life people and their families to plan ahead. We can help avoid the overwhelming tasks involved with downsizing and transitioning from one phase of life to another. Due to either the lack of planning or just the overwhelming nature of the task, individuals are often leaving the burden of sorting through possessions to their children or other relatives.  Don’t wait for a death, divorce, or debt to occur before you downsize.

Do not expect that your kids or other family members want or value your “antiques” or “collectibles” the same way that you do.  The younger generations, like Generation X or Millennials, are typically more minimalists.  They live in the moment and want freedom to come and go as they please.  They do not want stuff to be a burden.  If you want your valued collectibles to go to someone else who will love and cherish them as you have, consider selling them to another avid collector.