Diary of a Seasoned Life – What Is My Purpose?

Do you find yourself asking your friends, family, God, or just within your own thoughts, “What is my purpose?” It usually gets asked after a life event has occurred and we are full of questions about why things happen. We are facing changes in life and questioning where to go from here. The older we get, the more often it seems that these inevitable changes are happening.

In the last year and a half, so many people who mean the world to me Flooded Househave suffered loss. It is heartbreaking to see the sadness and pain in their eyes. My mother suffered a stroke, one of my closest friends lost his mother, my brother and sister suffered severe flood damage to their homes due to Hurricane Harvey, another dear friend lost his brother and a friend within 3 weeks of each other, my brother’s sister-in-law lost her husband to cancer, and my niece’s husband lost his grandparents within weeks of each other. All of these people, including myself, have asked themselves that question, as well as, “What do I do now?”

You can never go wrong in reaching out to people in pain and offering Funeral Photothem a chance to talk. Just having someone to listen to them is often more helpful than you can imagine. Giving to others often lessens the pain and takes one’s mind off their troubles. Feeling pain after a loss is normal. You can’t cure normal. Only time heals. One’s purpose can simply be to be a good friend or loved one to others and keep living. Those that were lost to us on earth would want us to keep living and moving forward. Remember them fondly and live life for them.

To those that have suffered loss, my heart is with you.

Author: Kim Lawrence

After owning a successful distribution business for 18 years, Kim’s life was turned upside down when her mother suffered a major stroke. She had to suddenly take over not only the care decisions for her mother, but also manage her mother’s business affairs, home, finances, and estate. This was all in addition to managing her own business and personal situation. This blog is to help tell the story in the hope that what she learned, and is still learning, will help guide others if they are or suddenly find themselves in a similar situation.